Pneutec, continuous flow

Pneutec is a specialist in the field of pneumatics, vacuum technology, fluid control and deceleration technology. Using these techniques, we develop and create innovative opportunities for our clients.


We strive for commercially viable solutions and continually search for big or small improvements.


Typical results


  • Zero-defects with 80% savings in time
  • >99% Yield in 50% of the production time
  • 85,1% in energy savings

Contact us for more information on +31 23 569 90 90.

The story of an

ambitious Dutch company


Pneutec was founded on February 1, 1987 as a trading company for pneumatic machine components. Right from the start we imported the most advanced technology from all over the world to supply our customers with innovative solutions.


Combining trading and engineering

More and more the market recognized our deep knowledge of components and technologies. Customers called us for advise before placing an order. We became specialized engineers for the early stage of the machine development process.






Creating components

Our next goal was to deliver end-to-end solutions in the field of flow and movement control. The best way to do this was to start producing the needed components ourselves. We built our own workshop with machines, instruments and a cleanroom.


Where are we today?

We have found our way to grow into a specialised supplier and high-tech system integrator of added value integrated systems and components for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

Leading principles


Ambitious innovation


The Dutch manufacturing industry operates in competitive

global markets. With markets becoming more accessible to new players every manufacturer needs to accelerate the innovation process and search for cost reduction. As a partner for these manufacturers, we believe we can create groundbreaking opportunities. We are ambitious and will challenge any competition.


Technical innovation leads to competitive advantage


Lowering energy costs or maximizing machine output create valuable market opportunities. Innovating in these fields will challenge your competitors.

We believe that the latest technology needs to be available for you. We therefore constantly expand our supply chain. The second thing we do is inject organisations with our knowledge, we have an experienced team of specialists available.



Accelerate to lead


If you want to take the lead or stay in the lead, you need to bring innovations to market quickly. Our company is designed to quickly respond to new challenges, changes or needs, or any question you might have. We are here to be your partner.


Continuous improvement is reliability


When a solution is implemented, it’s already time to think about the next step. This is how we look at your business and our own. We embrace continuous improvement as a fundamental principle, and we succeed in achieving this!


Our definition of quality is meeting expectations


Our quality management system is ISO9001 certified, but that’s just a label, to us quality is so much more than a flawless implementation or delivery.


Our clients expect us to add value to the products and solutions we provide. Quality is delivering that extra. It’s about thinking ahead about next steps and being ready for our clients at the right time.

Would you like to learn more? Please, don’t hesitate to visit us. Our quality manager will gladly show you around or answer any of your questions.

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